Starwater Yoga : Yogi Interview Series

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STARWATER YOGI INTERVIEW SERIES Starwater Yoga We recently had a chance to chat with Ulka Simone Mohanty, a multi-faceted and talented artist and one of our Starwater Yoga models! She is a film and voiceover actor, dance artist and choreographer for Disney and certified yogini. She joins us in an interview to talk about how […]

Learning Python

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LEARNING PYTHON Socratica Studios Our Python Tutorials will help you learn Python quickly and thoroughly. We start with “Hello World” and then move on to data structures (sets, lists, tuples and dictionaries). Next we’ll cover classes, and give a variety of in-depth examples and applications.   Watch the entire series here, as cyber-Ulka instructs in […]


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AUDIOBOOKS Amazon’s Audible & iTunes Books narrated by Ulka S. Mohanty, now available to download on Amazon’s Audible and iTunes. Genres include: Young Adult, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Thriller, Contemporary and Romance.   Check out the full list on Audible and Goodreads!

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Giant Cop

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GIANT COP Video Game / Other Ocean Giant Missions, Giant Fun in pint sized Micro City. You are the Giant Cop. Giant Cop is a satirical, narrative driven game, a vibrant, 70s styled open world with a sandbox design, giving you the freedom to fight crime in a giant way.   Voicing the characters (Eng/Fre) […]